Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Excerpt

Get a brief glimpse into what is happening to Dr. Mackland Luther and his friends as Jerrington tries to make them co-operate. Welcome to the world of Dark Luminance, due out in July, 2013!

Everyone in the room except for Jerrington and his guard moved as far away as possible from the dead woman shambling towards them. When Lily tried to jump up and escape, the guard dropped a large hand on her shoulder, pinning her to the seat. Jerrington waved a hand toward her, "Please use the plasitcuffs to restrain Ms. Decker to her chair." As the guard moved to comply, Jerrington turned to the others in the room. "Mr. Tao, if you would be so good, please escort our guests to the adjacent room so that we can continue our discussion."

Ming couldn't remain quiet any more. "Brad! What the hell is going on? We need to put that thing down now before it does any damage!"

Jerrington took several steps until he was directly in front of the dead woman. She appeared to have been an attractive brunette woman when she was still alive, and from what Mackland could see she hadn't been dead very long. She still had most of her hair, and aside from some cuts and bruises that would never heal properly now that she was dead, she didn't look that bad. But the blank, vacant stare of her dead eyes and the slack muscles throughout her face left no doubt just how far from human she was. Jerrington ignored all of that and turned his back on her to address Ming and the others. "She is no threat to anyone unless I determine she is. She is fully under my control, so please refrain from further emotional outbursts, and take our guests next door."

Ming persisted. "What about Lily?"

"Ms. Decker will be remaining in here for the time being until we conclude our discussion. If all goes well, she will be joining us shortly."

Mackland looked ready to explode and blurted out, "No way, you bastard! We aren't leaving her here with that thing!"

Grizzly advanced slowly towards the Jerrington with murder in his eyes. "Ya ain't gonna do nothin' but get smushed, unless you let us outta hear, ya uppity shit!"

Jerrington dipped his chin towards the zombie, who placed herself in Grizzly's path. "Enough. Either you three follow Mr. Tao into the other room in the next five seconds, or I will instruct my young lady to bite Ms. Decker a few times. I don't know for sure how much bodily fluid is required to transmit the drug in sufficient quantity to begin the transformation, but I would expect four or five would do it." He held up one hand and began counting down. "Five...four...three..."

Ming knew his former friend wasn't bluffing, so he put his hands out to corral the other three men and move them toward the door. "Ok, ok, we're going. Just keep that...thing away from her."

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