Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review- ★★Out of Darkness★★ by Jason D. Morrow

Out of Darkness is the story of Mora, a teen from a small village struggling to survive in a dystopian world beset by zombies called greyskins. On a quest to obtain the protection of the group functioning as the regional government, she travels to meet with the leader, Jeremiah. Although Jeremiah’s protection typically comes at a very high price, Mora hopes to negotiate a favorable outcome.

This story was a bit slow on the start for me, and I was well into the third or fourth chapter before things started to pop. But once it did, the story did a fantastic job of pulling me along for a crazy ride through the author’s post-apocalyptic vision of Mora’s world. For example, the introduction of Mora’s powers initially seems awkward and contrived, but as her powers develop along with the story, they become an integral and entertaining part of Mora’s experiences.

The author does a great job of developing and introducing the characters and settings throughout the story, and manages to build a world that the reader can easily envision themselves in. Jeremiah is particularly well written, and conveys a subtle aura of menace and evil without being overly detailed in description.

Overall, this an interesting and entertaining take on the standard zombie story, with relatable characters struggling to survive in a harsh world. A well balanced mix of action, dialogue and backstory make this a must-read for any fan of sci-fi, and zombie lovers in particular!

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