Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: Contract of Betrayal by Tammy Salyer

Aly Erickson is back and better than ever!

Contract of Betrayal is the second book in Tammy Salyer's Sprectras Arise Trilogy. The first book, Contract of Defiance, created a universe populated with a variety of exciting and well-rounded characters. The adventure that begins in Contract of Defiance transitions smoothly to Contract of Betrayal, and the characters continue to naturally develop as they face new challenges.

Salyer introduces several new characters in this book and seamlessly weaves them into the existing cast, providing more depth and complexity to an already rich series of relationships. Some of the character interactions originating in the first book are expanded and developed in this story, and we find out more about the backgrounds of some of the main characters, which equates to being able to relate to them all the more. Salyer's characters are the foundation that support the story, each bringing their own individual flavor to the overall story, and doing their part to advance the story smoothly and effectively.

The story builds smoothly around this superb cast, picking up where the action in Contract of Defiance ended. Having completed their original mission, Aly, Vitruzzi, and the rest are working on a new plan for taking on the Admin when things are thrown into chaos by the arrival of a new ship to Agate Beach. Complete with rekindling of old flames, battles with old enemies, and of course, a good dose of betrayal, Aly has her plate full once again. Without giving any spoilers, let me just say that the action picks up quickly and progresses at a rapid, yet controlled pace throughout. Things come to a fulfilling conclusion for the crew, while still dangling the promise of even more excitement to come in the last book of the trilogy.

Salyer has a very smooth and easy reading narrative style, and both of the books in this trilogy can easily draw you into a single-sitting completion if you aren't careful.

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